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Maths on line

Students in Prep to Year 6 have their own account to access the Maths on line website where their progress is tracked to help increase the students understanding and capabilities in many areas. Students are encouraged to utilise the Maths on line program while they are at home.

Students can logon at Maths online..


Students, here you will find some strategies to assist you with learning your spelling.

  • Copy the Word.

  • Check (did you copy it correctly?)

  • Think about pronunciation.

  • Do you know its meaning? (Find out if not).

  • Look at shape of word e.g. school, eye.

Ask someone to ‘test’ you.

The tester should say the word clearly, make a sentence using the word to show its meaning, say the word again clearly.

It is best to write the word down but if time is short you may wish to answer orally.

More helpful strategies:

  • Examine the word for familiar groups of letters like blends (bl, cr, st etc.), digraphs (2 letters making one sound like ea in bread), trigraphs (3 letters making 1 sound like oor in door, dge in bridge) and small words in big words as long as the letter groups make the same sound (like oil in spoil, not so in some).

  • Say & spell the word several times orally.

  • Pay extra attention if the word has internal vowel sounds that may have a different sound from other words. (e.g. rough, cough, though, through.)

  • Type words on the computer.

  • Paint words on footpath with brush and water saying each letter as it is painted.

  • Draw with finger in sand.

  • Model using play dough.

  • Cut letters out of old magazines or newspapers to create your words.

  • Look for your spelling words in your favourite book at home.

  • Have a go at making a cross word or find a word using your spelling words, you could try using a free puzzle maker website (check out the useful links).

  • List the words in alphabetical order.

  • Use a basketball and bounce it as you say each letter of the word.