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Behaviour management

“Better Learning, Better Behaviour”

We have introduced numerous processes to acknowledge excellent behaviour in class and in the playground.  Please take some time and discuss this with your child. When students, staff and parents/carers have realistic, consistent, high level expectations..... students are supported to achieve their very best results.

4 School Rules

Kippa-Ring State School has four rules that are broken down to include specific rules for classrooms, the playground and off site activities.

School Rules.png 

High Five Strategy

At Kippa-Ring State School, we teach all students the “High-Five”. This is a physical prompt (hand sign) to remember strategies to assist in the appropriate management of conflict. Each strategy is taught individually and students learn skills to deal with  problems in a systematic, constructive way.

high 5 hand.PNG 

Kippa-Paw Procedures

Our “Kippa-Paw” program rewards students who are on task, doing their best and displaying quality interpersonal behaviours.


 rules matrix.PNG

Managing Unacceptable Behaviour

If students display unacceptable behaviour, whether in class or at play, a range of consequences are applied. Some examples of these include:

Level 1 Inappropriate Behaviours

    • Littering — Pick up papers
    • No hat — No outside play
    • Out of bounds — Time out / red seat
    • Rough/ silly play — Time out / red seat
    • Eating out of area—Time out / red seat

Level 2 Inappropriate Behaviours 

Swearing, minor physical such as pushing, verbal harassment and refusing to follow staff directions may result in an exit.

Playground misbehaviour may result in detention. The student attends a 20 minute session in the Reflection Room during lunch break. During detention time, students write a plan for how they can make better choices.

If students receive several detentions in a week, they may be referred to “Managed Play”. Managed Play is an opportunity to eat and play in a structured environment.

Level 3 Inappropriate Behaviours

Such as abusing a staff member, serious physical assault or vandalism will not be tolerated. Aggressive or oppositional behaviour will result in a range of consequences which may include alternative programs, referral to support services or suspension. 

Key Focus Areas at Kippa-Ring State School

  • Engaged, confident learners
  • Parents / carers as partner
  • Clear, consistent processes
  • Supporting better learning engagement and outcomes for all.